Post Cards & Direct Marketing

When you mail a postcard to one of your clients or a potential future customer, 90% of the time, they spend the time to look at the postcard vs a mailed envelope, which is often thrown away. In that one minute, you'll grab your client's attention!
Mike Favela
Mike Favela is a San Diego entrepreneur passionate about the printing and graphics business for the past 35 years.

As a business owner he has been responsible for managing his business developing marketing strategies that help his clients showcase their business and generating leads while acquiring new customers.

He can produce custom letterheads, envelopes, color brochures, business cards, custom silk screening and promotional materials. Some of his many accounts are Avis Rent-a-Car, Metabolife, Cowboy Hardware, Holiday Foliage, Hallman Jewelers and many more.

When most people advertise they use the shotgun approach by spending a lot of money to get to the masses. We believe in a laser-focused approach to advertising. We believe you know the demographics for your clients better than anyone.

Example case

My target group was men between the ages of 25- 37 years and earning $75,000 to $250,000 a year and who live or work within a 5 to 10 mile radius of my store. With the help of CJ, Mike, my postcard person, and Mike, my list person, I was able to reach that exact group by postcard, email, by where they work, through facebook and instagram and by referrals. We concentrated on who we wanted to contact and did not advertise to the masses which was absolutely effective and best utilized our funds.

Michael Lacey
We physically house and manage our multi-source consumer database of over 250 million US consumers along with our multi-source business file of over 20 million US businesses. Post and prenatal, recently married/engaged, divorced, ailment, new business, and new connects (homeowners and movers) to name a few, are our unique niche lists that are not found elsewhere with the accuracy we deliver. I can provide special interest selects such as buying habits, general interests, investor data, travel data, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, income, credit, etc. available at no extra cost. We work with the likes of Allstate, AHA, ING, Target, Chase, Salvation Army, American Express, Capital One, Keller Williams, and AAA.

Specifically for the jewelry industry we can provide turnkey direct mail campaigns to include creative, list, production, postage, delivery, and tracking. Telemarketing lists are scrubbed weekly against the Federal do not call list weekly with cell phones updated monthly and land lines updated quarterly. Email addresses are available at no extra charge.
Geographic targeting is done by State, County, City, Zip, or radius. We cover the US and Canada market.

Pricing is dictated by volume, not contracts. Pay per record or purchase a block of prepaid credits.

Our goal is to understand your target market and to insure all needs are met. We pride ourselves on honesty, integrity, stability, experience, reputation (references available), turnaround time, data base intelligence, quality of data, and our customer service is second to none. We have an online platform where you can run counts, pull orders and house suppression files. This does not cost extra and is simply part of the services we offer. We are very confident in our data as well as our services and know that if given an opportunity we can improve the quality of your list, save you and your company some money while building a strong, long lasting business relationship in the process.

Michael Lacey