Dan, Sam, and Casey
Dan, Sam and Casey are three brothers that grew up in the jewelry business working through high school and college and eventually taking over their father’s business in a major way!!

Dan runs the Gold business, Sam Runs the Jewelry Supply division and Casey runs the diamond department.

Their combined expertise covers all of your jewelry needs.

Ask for Casey when looking for diamonds of any shape or size!

If there's one thing Avi knows it's diamonds. Growing up in Israel, Avi Father was a diamond cutter. Avi wanted to follow in his fathers footsteps so at age 14 Avi began cutting diamonds . When he moved to San Diego, CA . AVI worked as an apprentice in his brother's diamond trading business. With his eye for detail cutting diamonds and knowledge of diamonds Avi quickly advanced to touring the country training diamond buyers: everything from the art of negotiating a great deal to discovering the tiny details that sets a good diamond apart from a fantastic diamond.

In 2014, the premier melee dealer in San Diego retired. Avi saw this as an opportunity to use his extensive knowledge, industry connections, and experience to embark on a new adventure in diamonds.

From 10 carat pears shapes to the 0.5mm black diamonds Avi can find it for you. His long standing, positive relationships with a wide range of vendors, both domestically and abroad, allow him to source exactly what you are looking for quickly, and at a fair price.

He can handle request for colored diamonds, fancy shapes, large stones, small stones, old cuts, rose cuts, galaxy/salt-pepper stones, setting services, manufacturing support, project management, hard to find sizes, custom jewelry design, re-purposing well loved jewelry, and so much more with ease. Let Avi's experience, commitment to excellent customer service, and savvy buying ability work for you!

PS. Avi knows how to cut hearts and arrows.