Web Design & SEO

Web design and SEO have been changing rapidly in the last few years, and advice that was once considered gold can now get you penalized, or worse, completely removed from the search engines altogether!

With the boom in machine-learning systems, the search engines now rank based on the quality of your content and customer engagement, not keyword stuffing or link farms.

To compete in today's internet market means developing a long-term strategy for engaging your customers with great content across multiple platforms, driving traffic and boosting your search ranking naturally.

Did you know that if your site isn't mobile friendly, your rank is being penalized for that? Most web traffic is now mobile, and your site should be geared towards mobile users first and foremost, or you are losing valuable business!
Charles John Maynard
Starting at a young age, Charles loved tinkering with computers and creating art. By the age of 20, he was already a highly sought-after video editor and graphic designer, working full-time with broadcast clients ranging from QVC/HSN and TLC to local and national commercials and corporate promotional and training material. He has dedicated more than half his life to helping clients bring their visions to life, and is always looking for a challenge!

With over 2 decades experience in pre/post-production, cinematography, 3D animation, and web design & advertising, he can offer guidance and services for everything from commercials for your jewelry store to improvements to your website and social media presence!